The Institute of Ideas is a place where big creative ideas are developed and brought to life.

Created for the sole purpose of delivering bigger, better and brighter ideas in the B2B and B2C branding, marketing and communications world. The Institute of Ideas is a collaboration of diverse creative services companies living under one roof with a shared dream - to change our client’s world, one big idea at a time.

Our clients trust us to deliver their dreams

Each company within the Institute of Ideas has a unique skill set and when combined they make an unstoppable force for change. 


All our members pride themselves on being innovative, creative and motivated to make a difference. That’s why they have chosen to come together under one roof, and share a common environment. While each company operates as an individual entity, the organic creative process is enhanced by being surrounded with like minded creative visionaries who collaborate on projects and share knowledge - this always leads to better results.  

The 5 golden rules of integration

Without an idea there’s nothing

Members of the Institute of Ideas - and their clients - have the benefit of accessing additional creative resource should they need it, the opportunity to collaborate on a strategic level to discover the real needs of a brand and open dialogue with production experts at every stage of the process - so thinking and creativity can always be developed into elegant and affordable tools.

This innovative collaboration leads to better economies of scale, more efficiency and timely production and installation - combing to deliver better results.


Need more proof? Contact us and we’ll show you how it works.

Fully integrated, fully committed - full of ideas - everything you need to create impact for your brand


Strategic and creative brand building and marketing

Retail signage and displays

Levanto are specialists in branding retail outlets and business premises with signage and visual displays - from the initial design to development, production, installation and servicing, Levanto bring your visual identity to life.

• Servicing

• (value) engineering

• Logistics

• Stock control

• Warehousing

• Fabrication

• Installation

• Repair

• Assembly

Brand Junkies is an award winning design and advertising company that’s established itself over 21 years to become a leading specialist in creating and developing brands, marketing tools, employer branding, business-to-business communication, films, animation, digital, brochures, expos, PR, direct mail and advertising - bascially everything needed to create, launch, establish, refresh and grow your company from the inside out.


Film, photo & animation productions

Product and brand experience // customer activation

Product and brand experience // customer activation

Tooters delivers your brand, product and service into the hands of your target customer with a unique, unexpected and focussed brand experience that your customer will never forget.


We create memories and buying reasons with in-store and out-of-home customer focussed activation programs that are fully integrated with the big idea - bringing the concept to life by intriguing, engaging and entertaining your customers in unconventional ways.

Why join the boring navy when you can be a pirate?


Pirate Frog Film, Photo and Animation Productions produce and create films and animations that have the potential to go viral, always leave a lasting impression and never fail to deliver impact. From corporate to social, cinema to TV, our experienced directors focus on storytelling, our animators bring life to a digital world and our producers ensure it all runs smoothly.


Get noticed. Deliver your message. Drink rum. Be a Pirate Frog.

Fully integrated, fully committed - full of ideas - everything you need to create impact for your brand

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