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Bijgewerkt: 1 feb 2019

It’s a fact that a good ad agency can get people to think and act on a well-placed, well thought out message about a product or service the target didn’t know they needed. The nice people in agencies have been fine-tuning their persuasive skills for over 180 years – and the thinking and techniques have been passed down for generations. The truth is, a new crop of ad people are coming through and they are faced with a whole different set of challenges than any of the previous experts in communication have ever faced.

Millennials and even younger people entering employment are hyper aware of the importance of sustainability – and these people have a new set of drivers. They are looking for employers to have a focus on purpose as well as profit.

We are being told that the world is fast approaching a tipping-point – or even gloomier, a point of no return. We are told that consumerism, amongst other things, has pushed us to the brink of global catastrophe. And we have also been told that if we recycle everything, we’ll be able to make a massive difference. But this last statement isn’t strictly accurate. Did you know for example, that only 50% of the things we throw in our recycle bins actually gets repurposed, and that only 9% of the plastic that we make globally is eventually recycled? The truth is that much of what we think is being recycled actually ends up in landfill in other countries – we have just become very good at exporting our pollution – out of sight, out of mind.

Just a thought; maybe it’s time to design packaging in a much smarter way using new techniques and materials. Maybe it’s time to fine-tune our messaging so it’s not all about a display of wealth, but a display of intelligence instead.

It would be churlish of me to suggest we stop buying things from brands. But, it would be foolish to carry on doing the same thing repeatedly and expect a different outcome.

Our clients are smart. They have Corporate Social Responsibility departments and the CEO’s and CMO’s ensure that whatever their brand does results in as little environmental impact as possible. But I’m not sure all agencies are up to speed. If they were, we’d all be talking in a different voice.

As the appointed mouth piece of brands, it’s our responsibility to engage with customers and instigate behavioral change. We are in the fortunate position to have the ability to change the way people consume, dress, commute, vacation, learn, love and more.

Of course, at Exit we have these conversations with all of our clients, and we stand by our advice. But as an advertising community we must unite in a way that has never been seen before, to rise to the challenges we now face. A very clever man once said “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Innovation is the key to driving change.

Exit is now a part of something bigger – The Institute of Ideas. The IoI is a fully integrated creative services group, and all of the brands know the importance of changing behavior. As a group we have a belief that it’s in everyone’s best interest to share thinking, knowledge and ideas - which is truly innovative in our hyper competitive industry. We are open and collaborative and put our client’s customer at the heart of our thinking – and when we have access to a customer, we have the chance to make the biggest impact of all with our world changing ideas.

Our brands share the same set of goals, to change the world one idea at a time and we do whatever we can to reduce, re-use and recycle everything – except the idea - that’s always fresh, unique and smart. When required, we use organic inks and glues, fully recycled and recyclable base materials for printing, and we actively remove the use of plastics from the production process that could otherwise be harmful to the environment. We also offset our carbon footprint and use sustainable energy wherever possible.

We want to lead change. And we want you to be a part of that change too.

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