What is ‘integrated’

Integrated is the 'red line' that connects a single big idea across multiple channels, mixed media and several touch points. An integrated idea has the best chance of creating a lasting impression and when applied to the world of sales and marketing this could lead to an increase in brand awareness, product sales and market share.


A fully integrated idea does not mean applying the same image to lots of things for the lifetime of the brand, product or service. It means adapting the concept to suit the media – while retaining the big idea as the core of all marketing activities.


There are hundreds of examples where an idea has been brought to life in an integrated way; from Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ which has been brilliantly refined in myriad ways across branding, packaging, sponsorship, events and more, through to Mercedes-Benz ‘The Best or Nothing’ – an idea that every piece of creative work is judged against – as well as every vehicle that the company produces.


Effective integration

​Potential customers are faced with an overwhelming amount of choice – whether they are online,

in-store or at home - so why choose your brand, service or product?


Refine and embrace your big idea, integrate your marketing and communications message and make your brand top-of-mind. This will ensure that your customer's decision making is easier.


The more your customer is in touch with the big idea (at the right moment) the more they subconsciously reach out for your service or product.



First be clear, then be clever. Don’t confuse your audience with multiple messages and don’t waste their time trying to work out your message. Focus on a single USP, a single message and a single call to action – integrate the idea across everything, internally and externally.



Apply your big idea across everything you do and be patient - give it time to grow in the subconscious of your target - there are no quick fixes that add long term value.


The sharpest tool in business is creativity. It is proven to make the difference between success and failure of a brand. Trust your instincts, and if a creative idea seems scary at first, the chances are it’s going to get noticed by your target.


One of the hardest tasks is to change consumer habits. After all we are all loyal to brands consciously and subconsciously. True change comes from disruption – just because your competitors are doing it a certain way doesn’t mean you have to. Change the conversation, make it surprising, and connect in a clever way.



Content is a key driver to a successful campaign. Make it relevant, touch the emotions and deliver a compelling reason across all customer touch points.